Lie Lie Land

The work from street artist Bambi in London is going viral. Perhaps that is because it so effectively sums up people’s feelings in general:

lielielandTheresa May’s Brexit camp won the referendum vote through sheer lies on for instance the National Health Service, with Nigel Farage from UKIP as the biggest liar of them all.

Donald Trump won his campaign with the least amount of popular vote ever (or so abouts) and with clear help from the Russians. Incidentally, I have never understood why the Americans were so outraged about the possible Russian influence on their elections. The Americans have done it for years in other countries where they influenced the voting proceedings. Quite the hypocrite stand.

Anyway, the image sums up the increasing lack of faith and belief people have for politicians. If one checks world news and looks at political news of all countries in the world, one can see that literally every day news leaks out on politicians who have been unethical in their job. There is therefore little reason left to trust politicians. It is as if getting power automatically means becoming corrupt. Why do power and corruptness go hand in hand?

A question to ponder on…


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