Amateuristic end to overrated Oscars evening

The Oscars ended in a true farce last night as it appeared only after the thank you speeches from the director and cast of La La Land that they had actually not won. So the whole thing had to be re-done with Moonlight, the much deserved factual winner of the Oscar.


The Oscars themselves are quite overrated and are the perfect sample of a very nationalistic view on film. One Oscar for the best foreign film? That just shows how little Americans are interested in the outside world and how extremely lousy their knowledge of languages is.

Taking into account that learning another language means learning another culture, it is clear that most Americans (and the inhabitants of most other English speaking countries) are culturally barbaric.

I myself am fluent in five languages and being able to speak another language does give you huge possibilities to grasp another culture. But in able to do that, you need to have interest in other cultures and be prepared to leave your own backyard, something most Americans seldom do.

The European and Indian film scenes are at least as important and qualitatively perhaps even better (with smaller budgets) than the American one, but as most of their films are not in English, they get relatively little attention.
european-films-quotes-2Who am I to doubt Charlotte Rampling?