Deadliest used weapon ever sold

hitlersphoneAuction house Alexander Historical Auctions has sold Hitler’s personalised red Siemens telephone which he used to give orders to his Wehrmacht (army).

The telephone, which bears his name and a swastika, was found in Hitler’s Berlin bunker after the fall of Nazi Germany. Soviet soldiers gave the telephone as a souvenir to British sergeant Ralph Rayner. His son kept the phone for years.

The selling price was estimated between 200,000 and 300,000 dollar. That was a pretty good estimate as the final selling price turned out to be 243,000 dollar or 229,000 euro.

The most deadliest used weapon so far would of course have been mass murderer Stalin’s mouth, but that’s not an easy thing to sell. Fortunately…


Lie Lie Land

The work from street artist Bambi in London is going viral. Perhaps that is because it so effectively sums up people’s feelings in general:

lielielandTheresa May’s Brexit camp won the referendum vote through sheer lies on for instance the National Health Service, with Nigel Farage from UKIP as the biggest liar of them all.

Donald Trump won his campaign with the least amount of popular vote ever (or so abouts) and with clear help from the Russians. Incidentally, I have never understood why the Americans were so outraged about the possible Russian influence on their elections. The Americans have done it for years in other countries where they influenced the voting proceedings. Quite the hypocrite stand.

Anyway, the image sums up the increasing lack of faith and belief people have for politicians. If one checks world news and looks at political news of all countries in the world, one can see that literally every day news leaks out on politicians who have been unethical in their job. There is therefore little reason left to trust politicians. It is as if getting power automatically means becoming corrupt. Why do power and corruptness go hand in hand?

A question to ponder on…

Australia is burning

In the past weekend, temperatures rose to an incredible 47 degrees Celsius in Australia.

omeletOfficers from the Queenspark Police Service showed in a video clip that they could bake an omelet on a pan that was put on the boot of their car.

In the meantime there are still a significant amount of people in the USA denying that climate change is happening, let alone that mankind is responsible for it.

A baffoon like Utah Congressman Chaffetz publicly refused to respond to a ten year old girl’s question whether he believes in science. He is the perfect example of Trump’s Make America dumb(er) policy.

One can wonder what it will take for certain people to realise that climate change is no longer a possibility but is really happening as we speak.

Pakistan prohibits Valentine’s Day

The High Court of Pakistan has put a ban on celebrating Valentine’s Day in public. Pakistan is not the only country in doing so. The holiday is also strictly forbidden in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.


Fanatic and intolerant religion prohibiting one of man’s basic emotions: love

Although I don’t care too much about Valentine’s Day either, as it is way too commercial, forbidding it boils down to a ban on love. As love is one of a human’s basic emotions, the ban essentially prohibits people to be human.

That’s fanatic religion for you. If we look upon the world’s history, religion is one of the major causes for war and death, for personal traumas, for much suffering, for sheer intolerance.

Religion destroys more than you care for.

Case againt Uber because of divorce

London Black Cab Drivers To Protest Over Uber TaxisI read a funny story the other day. A French business man had booked a Uber taxi via his wife’s smartphone. But even though he had logged out, she still received notifications of the drives her husband made with Uber.

This way she discovered he was actually cheating on her. She filed for divorce and the couple separated.

Now the man is demanding 45 million euro damages from Uber because, according to him, he got divorced due to a bug in Uber’s app (which only occurs on recent iOs operating systems, not on Android, for those who are suddenly having a fright reading this).

Even though I find it funny, it also shows how some people are simply not prepared to take responsibility for their own actions. Perhaps because politicians so superbly show them how exactly that is done.

North Korea and other countries with rockets

north-korea-missileNorth Korea fired a ballistic rocket towards the Japanese Sea. Should the rest of the world be impressed? If so, why?

A show of force, small or big, is a small and under par mind’s way of asserting oneself. It serves no real purpose.

It’s actually quite sad that some countries in our world need to possess nuclear weapons and big armies to presumably preserve peace. It shows humanity’s lack of being able to sort out differences in an adult manner, by speaking, discussing, conversing. It proves that man has yet to reach adulthood and is still closer to its primate form of settling things than to a mature species that uses reason above anything else.

We still have much to learn…

Welcome to Thomas

Welcome to the first post on my brand new blog.

I’m Thomas, married and with kids, and I’d like to tell you on a very regular basis about how I see the world and all that is happening in it.

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