The Turks in Europe

A Turkish fascist

Tensions between The Netherlands and Turkey are very high as Turkish presidents calls the Dutch remnants of the nazis. Tensions between Turkey and other European questions are high.

This is of course a deliberate tactic by Turkish president Erdogan. By forcing European countries to take action against Turkish ministers who want to visit those countries to hold campaign meetings, Erdogan wants to prove his citizens that he absolutely needs to win the referendum giving him absolute power.

The fact that politically campaigning outside of Europe is strictly forbidden by Turkish law and is ignored by Erdogan proves, however, that he is a true fascist.

I also wonder. There are tens of thousands of Turkish people living outside Turkey. Part of them publicly support Erdogan. If he is such a good leader to them, why don’t they go and live under his rule, in Turkey? Why do they feel the need to stay in the West European country they live in? Surely they would be far happier living in their beloved Turkey with their beloved ruler? Or are they merely carrying out a long term strategy to slowly but surely take over Europe by spreading their population, much as islam is doing with religion?

I really do wonder…

Turkish people in Rotterdam demonstrating in favour of their great leader Erdogan. Why don’t they return to Turkey to live under his rule?


About the American voters

Sometimes television series, even American ones, do contain a whole lot of truth, like these two screen captures of the fourth season of the excellent series Stargate SG-1:

It seems reality is rapidly catching up with fiction, wouldn’t you think?