People who are animals

Reportedly three million Syrian children have toxic stress. They are traumatised because of what they witnessed during the Syrian war: other children being slashed to death, people being shot, and so on. Continue reading


Pakistan prohibits Valentine’s Day

The High Court of Pakistan has put a ban on celebrating Valentine’s Day in public. Pakistan is not the only country in doing so. The holiday is also strictly forbidden in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.


Fanatic and intolerant religion prohibiting one of man’s basic emotions: love

Although I don’t care too much about Valentine’s Day either, as it is way too commercial, forbidding it boils down to a ban on love. As love is one of a human’s basic emotions, the ban essentially prohibits people to be human.

That’s fanatic religion for you. If we look upon the world’s history, religion is one of the major causes for war and death, for personal traumas, for much suffering, for sheer intolerance.

Religion destroys more than you care for.